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Worker Payouts, Simplified

Slow transfers. Unexplainable fees. Confusing bank codes. If you issue high volumes of worker payouts at your business, you’re probably familiar with these symptoms of mass pain-ments.

Kind of makes you wish for something better, doesn’t it?

Something that takes advantage of local networks in order to avoid unnecessary transfer fees. Something that’s centralized and uses a secure Internet platform in order to provide real-time information and instant fund access. Something that’s easy to use, for everyone—marketplaces, workers, and financial institutions alike.

In 1999, a small team of engineers and accountants got together to design and build that something. Two short years later, they had created a simple, centralized system that had the potential to issue thousands of worker payments quickly, efficiently, and securely. We knew right then that we were on to something.

That something was Hyperwallet.

For more than a decade, we have been a leading payout provider for companies with unique global payment needs. With hundreds of customers that touch millions of workers, our clients rely on us to solve their most complex payout challenges.

Won’t you let us build you something better?

Lisa Shields, Founder Hyperwallet

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Members of Hyperwallet’s leadership team are routinely recognized by money service experts as innovators in the payments marketplace.

More importantly, they’re a ton of fun to work with.

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  • "We continue to be impressed by Hyperwallet's commitment to prepaid innovation, and their ability to make global mass payments easy for clients."

    Loraine DeBonis
    Loraine DeBonisPaybefore Awards Editor-in-Chief