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Global Bank Deposit

Pay globally in local currency, direct to bank accounts

hyperWALLET enables your business to quickly and easily pay people worldwide, direct to their bank account. Make low-cost domestic payments to payees in local currencies, while increasing payments efficiency for your organization.

Solution benefits

  • Global bank deposit to 63 countries
  • Direct deposit in 34 currencies
  • Fast electronic money transfers
  • Allow payees to self-manage their bank account details
  • Eliminate paper checks and administrative overhead
  • Save time, money and effort when making payments

Fast, efficient direct deposit services

Whether you need to pay people locally or internationally, our bank deposit services are designed to be fast, efficient and easy to use for your company, your administrative team and your payees. With just a single file upload and a few clicks, you can easily pay people worldwide direct to their bank account -- meaning no more paper checks to produce and mail, or check cashing trips to the bank for your payees.

Self-service global payment solution

Through our integrated e-wallet platform, your payees can self-manage their own bank account details so your admin team doesn’t have to, relieving your company of this time-consuming administrative burden. And, by providing direct deposit services in local currency, your payees will enjoy the added benefits of receiving their funds electronically without losing money to foreign exchange conversions.

Get started today

With hyperWALLET’s bank deposit services, paying people worldwide has never been easier. Contact us today to learn how we can help your organization offer direct deposit to your payees, all under your brand.