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Online E-Wallet

Your secure online payment portal, worldwide

hyperWALLET’s online e-wallet is a secure electronic payment solution for your organization and your payees. Leverage our e-wallet to offer new payment options, extend your brand across multiple payment channels, and offer global payment services in multiple languages and currencies.

Online e-wallet features

  • Secure online e-wallet
  • Fully brandable solution
  • Multi-currency accounts
  • Multi-lingual user interfaces
  • Self-service payment portal
  • Loyalty & rewards points
  • Merchant spendback integration
  • Transaction history tracking

Flexible payment options

Our e-wallet allows payees to choose how they wish to be paid -- including bank deposit, prepaid card, cash pickup, and more. In addition, the e-wallet supports loyalty points to reward spending behaviour, and merchant spendback capabilities for integrated product purchases directly from your company.

Empower your payees and remove administrative burdens

As a self-service solution, your payees can enter their own bank account details in their e-wallet, relieving your payroll staff of these time-consuming tasks. Allowing payees to self-manage their own payment preferences enhances their payments experience and can build goodwill towards your organization. Payments exceptions and returns become self-managed by the payee as funds are returned to their pay portal for the bank account details to be corrected.

Your payments, your brand

Many companies prefer a branded solution as it allows them to integrate their brand throughout the entire payment process. hyperWALLET’s e-wallet can be fully customized to reflect your company’s identity, helping drive brand loyalty towards your organization.

Get started today

With hyperWALLET’s online e-wallet, paying people worldwide has never been easier. Contact us today to learn how we can help your organization centralize and enhance your payment services, all under your brand.