Global Prepaid Debit Cards | Instant Payments Worldwide

Prepaid Cards

Offer a convenient payment method, while extending your brand presence.

hyperWALLET’s global prepaid debit card products showcase your brand while enabling instant payments to payees in 170+ countries worldwide.

Prepaid card program features

  • Available in 14 currencies
  • Branded with your company’s brand
  • Re-loadable in real time
  • Online, mobile, IVR cardholder access
  • Efficient mass card distribution tools

Prepaid card program types

  • Corporate Incentive Corporate incentive programs are perfect for mass B2C payment distribution. Typical payment types include commission payments, rebates and expense reimbursement.
  • Corporate Expense Corporate expense prepaid programs are an alternative to standard corporate credit cards that must be backed by collateral. Funds loaded onto the card are always owned by the corporate and can be debited at anytime. Full transactional reporting is available allowing your organization to have full visibility and control of employee expenditures.
  • General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) cards are an attractive everyday financial product for the underbanked, or those wanting lower cost options to credit cards. These debit cards allow cardholders to load cash at convenient locations. In addition, other funds such as payroll funds can be moved via direct deposit onto the card.

Prepaid card distribution methods

  • Personalized cards are embossed with the cardholder’s name and mailed directly to the cardholder’s residential address.
  • Instant-Issue, non-personalized cards provide the ability to assign cards immediately to recipients as they are required. An inventory of non-personalized cards are securely held at your location.When an individual requires a card to receive payment, you simply select the next available card envelope from inventory and register the card to the recipient.
  • Virtual prepaid cards are delivered electronically to the cardholder without the physical plastic. Virtual cards are used for telephone and online product purchases in exactly the same manner as a physical card. Virtual cards are a perfect solution for one-time payments and where physical card distribution is difficult or cost prohibitive.

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With hyperWALLET’s prepaid card products, paying people worldwide has never been easier. Contact us today to learn how we can help your organization offer global prepaid cards to your payees, all under your brand.