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Let us handle incentive fulfillment while you focus on the research

Market research firms often need to incentivize a diverse range of research participants for their participation in various research initiatives -- including focus groups, interviews, surveys and questionnaires.

Traditionally, incentives have been fulfilled using a variety of methods including checks, gift cards and PayPal. As market research firms become increasingly global in their activities, they may face additional challenges incentivizing research participants worldwide.

Cash incentive fulfillment solutions for market research firms

hyperWALLET provides global cash incentive fulfillment solutions that address the needs of the market research industry.

Our incentive fulfillment platform allows research firms to offer cash incentives worldwide to 170+ countries, while cutting incentive costs and reducing administrative overhead. This will lessen your organization’s workload, reduce tensions with research partipants due to delayed payments, and keep respondents engaged by offering multiple cash incentive options and timely fulfillment.

hyperWALLET's "self-serve" incentive fulfillment options include:

  • Global bank deposit
  • Brandable, reloadable prepaid cards (virtual and physical)
  • Pay to a respondent’s existing credit card
  • Mobile airtime top-ups
  • Checks

Benefits for research companies

  • Incentive fulfillment support outsourced and managed by hyperWALLET
  • Enable global research by fulfilling incentives across multiple countries
  • Support your clients' branding requirements for panels, communities or ad hoc reseach
  • Keep research participants engaged via rapid incentive fulfillment
  • As research goes more mobile, offer incentive fulfillment via the mobile channel
  • Reduce incentive fulfillment errors and administrative costs
  • Full visibility and reconciliation of all fulfilled incentives
  • Centralize incentive processes and operations under a single platform
  • Increase incentive fulfillment speed and efficiency on a global basis
  • Increase the health of your panel or community with higher response rates and retention

Benefits for your research participants

  • Get paid quickly and easily in 170+ countries worldwide
  • Cash incentives provide more flexibility as to where rewards can be spent
  • Completely self-service incentive platform
  • Choose from a suite of incentive fulfillment options
  • Manage incentive fulfillment via our mobile app
  • Receive incentives in local currency

Get started today

With hyperWALLET’s global incentive fulfillment solutions for market research firms, rewarding globally has never been easier. Contact us today to learn how we can help your firm offer a variety of incentive fulfillment options for your organization and research participants.