Do you need a no-fuss, no-muss worker payout delivery process?

We have a SOLUTION for that.

Issue one-time or infrequent payments efficiently, securely, and in the most cost-effective way possible. Hyperwallet’s intuitive Pay by Inbox Solution offers a simple payment claim experience that’s capable of supporting multiple payment delivery types quickly, affordably, and across a broad range of currencies.

Cash via Agent
Check Delivery
Direct to Card
Global Bank Deposits
Prepaid Cards
Virtual Prepaid Cards

Recommended for organizations that require:

Improved Distribution Flexibility

  • Improve awareness by keeping your brand front and center
  • Offer broad global coverage
  • Quick and easy payments distribution will enhance your reputation
  • Extend affordable payment capabilities to new countries and demographics with global issuance and multiple currencies

    Reduced Issuing Costs & Administration

    • Send high volumes of one-time and/or infrequent payments directly to your workers
    • Offer workers flexible payment delivery options without additional costs or hassles

      Streamlined Delivery & Acceptance

      • Provide workers with real dollar choice rather than closed-loop merchant vouchers
      • Supports multiple payment delivery types
      • Simple registration and acceptance process
      • Set payment expiry dates and reverse unclaimed fund transfers

        Simplify One-Time or Infrequent Payments

        How It Works

        Send, notify, and accept. That’s how easy worker payout distribution is with Hyperwallet’s Pay by Inbox Solution.
        Here’s a look at how the Pay by Inbox Solution simplifies the process:

          The Business Sender...

          • Wants to make one-time or infrequent payments quickly and easily.
          • Provides Hyperwallet with basic payment information (i.e. worker's name, e-mail address, and payment amount) for a run of one-time payments.
          • Chooses payment types to make available to workers.
          • Transfers funds to Hyperwallet to make these payments.

          Hyperwallet then...

          • Sends an e-mail notification to workers requesting payment preference.

          The Worker...

          • Clicks on the link in the e-mail to select his/her payment preference.
          • Enters the information necessary to collect his/her payment.
          • Receives notification of payment value and timing of delivery. The funds are now transferred from the business to the worker.
          • Receives payment.

        Build Your
        Pay by Inbox Solution

        Looking for something a little more… specific?