Do you want to empower your workers and unlock the power of payments choice?

We have a SOLUTION for that.

Designed to enhance and streamline all areas of the payments process, Hyperwallet’s Pay by Portal Solution offers enhanced self-serve capabilities, the ability to monitor payment balances from a mobile device, and an intuitive, multi-lingual user experience.

Cash via Agent
Check Delivery
Direct to Card
Global Bank Deposits
Prepaid Cards
Virtual Prepaid Cards


  • The Transfer Center provides a consolidated view of every transfer method available to workers.
  • Apple and Android mobile apps make it easy for workers to view outstanding payments and monitor transaction history.
  • E-mail and text message notifications alert workers the instant funds are available for collection.
  • Dedicated worker support offers convenient telephone and e-mail assistance.
  • Full track-and-trace monitoring is available for all payments.

Recommended for organizations that require:

Recurring Payments

  • Issue high-volumes of low-value, recurring payments
  • Reduce fees by aggregating multiple payments
  • Workers can collect outstanding funds when it’s most convenient and cost-effective for them

    A Flexible Platform

    • Permit workers to use funds owed towards purchases from your organization’s web store
    • Vendor redundancy across various settlement types and countries
    • Reduce the administrative hassle and security concerns associated with your payment process
    • Full track-and-trace monitoring is available for all payments

      Worker Choice

      • Offer workers a variety of payment delivery methods
      • Provide multiple currency payment options
      • Workers can split funds between multiple payment delivery types (e.g. multiple bank accounts or between a bank account and a branded prepaid card)

        Offer Multiple Payment Delivery Options from a Branded Portal

        How It Works

        The Pay by Portal Solution makes it easy for workers to receive their funds in a way that’s convenient for them. Here’s a look at how the Pay by Portal Solution simplifies the payments process:

          The Business Sender...

          • Wishes to offer multiple payment options for recurring payments, and alert the worker of the owing balance through a branded online statement.
          • Provides Hyperwallet with basic payment information (i.e. receiver’s name, e-mail address, and payment amount).
          • Transfers funds to Hyperwallet to make these payments.

          Hyperwallet then...

          • Creates a branded portal and unique statement accounts for each worker.
          • Sends e-mail notifications to each worker whenever a payment is owed to them and updates each corresponding online statement to reflect the outstanding amount.
          • Requests payment preferences from the worker.

          The Worker...

          • Activates his/her statement account online.
          • Configures account settings and submits payment preferences.
          • Is notified of payment value and timing of delivery. Funds are now transferred to the payee.
          • Receives payment.

        Build Your
        Pay by Portal Solution

        Looking for something a little more… specific?