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Pay people locally or internationally with fast, easy, and efficient global bank deposit services.


Hyperwallet’s extensive payment network can handle international fund transfers to 170+ countries in 150+ currencies. This includes fast and affordable local bank deposits in 60+ countries and 30+ currency types.

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Offer Self-Serve Options

Give your workers the power of choice with Hyperwallet’s self-serve tools. Workers can manage their bank details independently, relieving your administrative team of this time-consuming burden once and for all.

Single-click Submission

Single-Click Submission

Why bombard your treasury department with convoluted payment formats when Hyperwallet only requires one streamlined submission file? Just upload your batch file and we’ll handle the rest.

Don’t Lose Your Cool Over Currencies

Your workers will love receiving their funds electronically in their local currency. You’ll love saving money with minimal foreign exchange costs.


Distribution Methods

Distribution Methods

Local Bank Deposits

Local bank deposit is a fast, convenient way to distribute funds to your workers. Issue local currency payments directly to your workers’ bank accounts in 60+ countries and 30+ currencies using Hyperwallet’s extensive network of settlement accounts. With Hyperwallet, your treasury department can efficiently execute transfers and avoid unnecessary bank lifting fees.

International Wire Transfers

Send international wire transfers in 150+ currencies to workers outside of Hyperwallet’s global bank deposit network without having to worry about multiple payment files, transfer codes, and banking identifiers. Simply organize the necessary account information within Hyperwallet’s easy-to-implement payment file and upload it into the system.