Modern Compensation Payments for International Airlines


Solutions for Baggage Claims & Irregular Operations

PayPal’s payout capabilities, powered by Hyperwallet, connect airlines with a global payout network to help improve the efficiency and convenience of time-sensitive payments. Simplify the management of baggage claims, refunds for delayed or canceled flights, and reimbursements for other irregular operations (IROP) with PayPal’s global payout technology and intuitive compensation experience for travelers.Read our guide to see how PayPal’s payout capabilities allow airlines to:
  • Deliver an intuitive compensation experience for travelers
  • Improve payout administration and simplified case management
  • Easily integrate compensation payment technology with our drop-in transfer UI and API
  • Quickly issue direct bank deposits, eGift cards, and other payout methods
  • Minimize fees for failed or returned payments
  • Improve payment visibility and track fund disbursements with ease
  • Notify travelers as soon as their funds are available


Your Complete Compensation Payment Partner

Put travelers in control of how and when they collect their compensation payments. Use Hyperwallet’s drop-in transfer UI to seamlessly embed payout capabilities into your existing website or application, or if you need to get up and running quickly, Hyperwallet turnkey Pay Portal Payout Experience for a fast, development-free implementation.

Navigate Regulatory Requirements

Handle the unique payment regulations of each geography with PayPal’s flexible payout capabilities. Hyperwallet’s tokenization technology stores debit card or banking information off-site and can help mitigate concerns around the security of sensitive banking information.


Track Global Payments

When regulation or customer preference does not allow for airline vouchers, Hyperwallet can help you avoid complicated and costly paper inventory management processes. Reporting and payment tracking functionality help to further reduce administrative hassle.


Help Boost Traveler Satisfaction

Give travelers quick and convenient access to their compensation funds. Hyperwallet offers rapid payment delivery through direct bank deposit options, as well as alternative payout methods including PayPal, Venmo, and eGift Cards.

Corporate Sales

Canada/US: 1-877-929-7002
UK: +44 800 808 5219
Australia: +61 1800 952 928
Other Countries: +1-604-482-0090