Compensation Payments for International Airlines

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Unlock a superior payout solution for baggage claims and irregular operations

Hyperwallet connects airlines with a global payout network to help improve the efficiency and convenience of payments due to baggage claims, delayed or canceled flights, and other travel disruptions—all while helping reduce administrative complexity and unnecessary costs.

  • Deliver an intuitive compensation experience for travelers
  • Streamline payout management and reduce workload
  • Minimize bank fees for failed or returned payments
  • Help reduce cross-border payment costs by utilizing local rails
  • Navigate the regulatory considerations of each market


Your all-in-one compensation payment partner


Improve Payout Administration

Simplify case management by getting accurate information upfront. Hyperwallet’s embedded widget helps airlines collect customers’ local banking information and ensure that payments are successfully delivered on the first attempt.


Reduce Compensation Overhead

Leverage Hyperwallet’s integrated payment validation to help decrease the frequency of returned payments and avoid bank fees. Send cross-border payments via local rails instead of SWIFT wires to help further reduce costs.


Boost Customer Satisfaction

Give travelers quick and convenient access to their compensation funds. Hyperwallet offers rapid payment delivery through direct bank deposit, as well as alternative payout methods including PayPal, prepaid cards, and checks.


Navigate Regulatory Requirements

Handle the unique payment regulations of each geography with our fully-customizable payout solutions. Utilize Hyperwallet’s tokenization technology to store banking information off-site and mitigate concerns around the security of sensitive banking information.

Direct Payout Solution

Embed our payout technology with Direct

Hyperwallet Direct Solution: Direct Payouts Built-In

Hyperwallet’s Direct solution gives airlines the ability to integrate customer payment distribution within their web and mobile applications. Collect payment information through our widget, send payment instructions automatically via API, and get customers paid fast.

  • Multi-currency payouts delivered fast
  • Integrated ID verification and validation
  • Tokenized personal and banking information
  • Fully API-directed payouts
  • Branded and tailored to your requirements


One-off payments with our Select solution

Select Payout Solution

With Select, airlines can avoid conventional account registration to quickly connect travelers with their compensation payments. Customers are notified as soon as their funds become available and can self-select their preferred payout method through our hosted web portal.

  • Optional account registration
  • Range of currencies and payout methods
  • Multilingual portal and customer support
  • Rapid, turnkey implementation
  • Branded and tailored to your requirements

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Streamline your compensation payments for baggage claims and irregular operations

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