Fast, Flexible Supplier Payments for Booking Platforms & Online Travel Agencies

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Modernize Payouts to Hosts, Tour Operators & Property Managers

With Hyperwallet, booking platforms and online travel agencies can provide an efficient, flexible, and transparent payout experience for their worldwide suppliers. Reduce administrative hassle and deliver an enhanced supplier experience through a digital payout experience.

  • Distribute localized payouts to suppliers around the world
  • Provide an enhanced, supplier-controlled, payout experience
  • Enhance oversight and control of funding flows
  • Automate key operational and administrative payout processes
  • Available 24/7 multilingual payee and booking platform support

Global Booking Platforms Require Global Solutions

Streamline Payouts to Suppliers Around the World


Unlock Payout

Quickly disperse funds to a supplier’s virtual Hyperwallet account and let them self-select their preferred payout method, including PayPal, bank deposits, physical and virtual prepaid cards, and more.


Help Improve
Payment Control

Hyperwallet’s virtual account architecture helps booking platforms take advantage of bi-directional payable and receivable payment flows. Our flexible payout program hierarchy and API integrations give you granular control over funding, payout timing, reporting, and user experience.


Simplify Global

With 28+ accepted funding currencies and 95+ countries with local clearing, Hyperwallet helps travel companies reduce transaction and foreign exchange fees when sending funds cross-border. Simplify operational expansion; Hyperwallet’s financial network reaches 200+ countries and regions.


Modernize Your Approach
to Payouts

Online travel agencies and booking aggregators have traditionally facilitated payments using virtual cards and bank transfers. With Hyperwallet, you now have the ability to modernize your disbursement process and offer flexible payouts to suppliers around the world.

What Works for Booking Platforms and Online Travel Agencies

Empower Your Hosts, Tour Operators & Property Managers

Embedded Payee Experience

Integrate booking disbursement workflows directly into your existing web and mobile applications. Collect payment information through our drop-in transfer UI, send payment instructions automatically via API, and get hosts, tour operators, and property managers paid fast.

Pay Portal Payee Experience

Hyperwallet will work with you to configure a booking payout solution that will not only notify hosts and providers as soon as their funds become available, but also enable them to self-select their preferred payout method through a beautifully branded, Hyperwallet-hosted, web or mobile application.

Both payee experiences include Hyperwallet’s full-stack payout capabilities:

  • Multi-currency payouts delivered fast
  • Enhanced payout optionality
  • Integrated ID verification and validation
  • Tokenized personal and banking information
  • Multilingual UI functionality
  • In-depth payout tracking and reporting

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Learn how your business can benefit from our powerful payout technology.

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