Fast and Flexible Payout Solutions for Booking Platforms

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Modern outbound payments for hosts, tour operators, and property managers

With Hyperwallet, booking and travel platforms can provide an efficient, flexible, and transparent payout experience for their worldwide suppliers.

  • Distribute localized payouts to suppliers worldwide
  • Provide an enhanced supplier payout experience
  • Enhance oversight and control of funding flows
  • Automate key operational and administrative processes
  • Access 24/7 multilingual payee and client support


Streamline your payment process for worldwide suppliers

Unlock Payout

Quickly disperse funds to suppliers’ digital wallets and let them self-select their preferred payout method, including PayPal, bank deposits, physical and virtual prepaid cards, cash pickup, and check delivery.


Help Improve
Payment Control

Hyperwallet’s virtual account architecture helps booking platforms take advantage of bi-directional payable and receivable payment flows. Our corporate portal structure and API integrations give companies granular control over payout timing.


Simplify International

With 30+ accepted funding currencies and 95+ countries with local clearing, Hyperwallet enables travel companies to avoid many transactional and foreign exchange fees when paying worldwide. Our network reaches 200+ countries and territories, simplifying operational expansion.


Harness Global

Our dedicated, 24/7 payee support for suppliers includes multi-channel and multi-language options. Your suppliers can connect with our contact center agents for timely resolution of service questions via phone, email, and chat.

Portal Payout Solution

Tap into the Portal for supplier payout choice

Hyperwallet Portal Solution: Secure and Flexible Mass Payouts

Hyperwallet’s Portal solution helps booking platforms quickly deliver payments to a self-serve, multi-currency payments dashboard, allowing suppliers to choose from a range of convenient transfer methods and cash out at their own convenience.

  • Multiple currencies and payout methods
  • Plug-and-play implementation process
  • Integrated ID and sanctions screening
  • Comprehensive reporting functionality
  • Multilingual 24/7 global support


Card-first payouts with our Card solution

Card Solution

With Card, booking platforms can implement a card-first payout program with greater control, oversight, and efficiency than comparable solutions. Our physical and virtual prepaid cards are custom-branded and useable anywhere Visa or MasterCard are accepted.

  • Instant payment delivery via prepaid cards
  • Optional portal w/ additional payout methods
  • Integrated ID and sanctions screening
  • Comprehensive reporting functionality
  • Multilingual 24/7 global support

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