CUSTOMER CASE STUDY: BeneYOU (Owner of Avisae, Jamberry, and MGlobal Brands)

How BeneYOU penetrated new markets and increased Consultant activity

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Manual commission processes were causing unnecessary administrative and financial burdens for BeneYOU (owner of Avisae, Jamberry, and MGlobal brands). What’s more, poor payee support and limited global payout extensibility was preventing BeneYOU from scaling globally. The company needed a new commission partner, but wanted to avoid supporting two programs while Consultants migrated to another solution.

Learn how BeneYOU utilized Hyperwallet’s Loyalty add-on feature to rapidly migrate payees to its new Hyperwallet commission solution while simultaneously increasing sales activity over a three-month period.

In this case study, we’ll explore how Hyperwallet helped BeneYOU:


  • Motivate payees to switch to the new solution
  • Boost revenue through increased sales activity
  • Enable new payout methods and currencies
  • Provide payees with greater control of commissions
  • Reduce manual processes and administrative costs

“Changing to Hyperwallet’s Portal solution, not only did we get rid of the manual processes and headaches in our commission process—we were also able to make use of the economies of scale that Hyperwallet had to lower the cost for our company, for our Consultants, and also increase the speed by which they receive payments.”

Jeff Stephens, BeneYOU’s Vice President of Finance