How HitRECord delivered a better payment experience for global artists while automating its administrative workload

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HitRECord was handling payment distribution to its artists using USD-currency checks, but as its community of users expanded around the world, the cost and complexity of keeping the payout process in-house grew significantly. Moreover, HitRECord’s existing payment solution delivered a poor overall experience to its payees, with lost and delayed payments, high fees, and complications in foreign exchange.
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Discover how HitRECord utilized Hyperwallet’s hosted Pay Portal and Tax Services add-on feature to improve payouts for its users while alleviating its administrative burden through API integration.

In this case study, we’ll explore how Hyperwallet helped HitRECord:

  • Deliver more payout options for artists
  • Maintain a fully branded payment experience
  • Reduce financial costs of payout delivery
  • Streamline tax form collection and validation
  • Automate payout process through APIs

“Of course, our relationship with the HitRECord community is paramount. What Hyperwallet did was help us deliver a better payment experience for our global artists—in speed, in optionality—while simultaneously reducing the complexity and cost of our payout process.”

Wayne Robbins, HitRECord’s Head of Finance & Strategy