How Lyric Financial used local-currency payouts to expand its global roster of musicians

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Lyric Financial had found success providing financial services to musicians in the United States, but limited payout capabilities prevented the company from expanding into new markets and winning business in the fast-decentralizing music industry. What Lyric Financial needed was a truly global payout partner—one that could unlock payments in new geographies, reduce the mounting treasury workload, and provide a better experience for everyone involved.
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Learn how Lyric Financial leaned on Hyperwallet’s worldwide financial network to grow its business internationally while automating operational processes and improving the payout experience for artists, producers, and distributors.

In this case study, we’ll explore how Hyperwallet helped Lyric Financial:

  • Rapidly expand into international markets
  • Deliver a localized payment experience
  • Streamline payout administration
  • Maintain the security of its platform

“When I’m serving musicians around the globe—in Nigeria, in Thailand, in Russia, in Poland—they’re all part of the same global village, but when it comes to their money, they think locally.”

Eli Ball, Founder and CEO of Lyric Financial