How Universe streamlined cross-border payouts while simultaneously delivering more value to their ticket sellers

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Manually dispersing cheques was time consuming and costly for Universe, while the fees associated with traditional e-wallets and international wire transfers were having a negative impact on their sellers’ earnings. Universe needed a payout provider that could simultaneously automate their payout operations, deliver more value to their growing roster of global event organisers, and enable the marketplace to expand into new geographies quickly and easily.
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Learn how Universe harnessed Hyperwallet’s global financial network to expand its range of global payment options and used API integration to streamline its payout management.

In this case study, we’ll explore how Hyperwallet helped Universe:

  • Add new payout currencies and methods
  • Rapidly expand reach to new geographies
  • Integrate funding with existing acquirers
  • Automate payout process through APIs
  • Granularly manage administrative roles

“All the data is there, and there are access levels so that we can give our accountants and bookkeepers different access rights than our support staff, our management team, and so on. But the particularly exciting thing with Hyperwallet was the fact that we could launch new currencies.”

Craig Follett, Universe’s Founder and CEO