How Viridian streamlined its tax reporting and improved their associate experience

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Viridian’s commission provider couldn’t keep up with the company’s growth. The result was a poor overall experience for the company’s growing roaster of Associates. Viridian was in need of a payout solution that could easily scale with the company’s growth, as well as provide robust reporting functionality and visibility into the payout process.

Discover how Viridian was able to give Associates more control over their commissions, at the same time streamlining the collection, validation, and distribution of important data, including tax documents.

In this case study, we’ll explore how Hyperwallet helped Viridian:

    Viridian Case Study

  • Automate the collection, validation, and distribution of important US tax forms
  • Give Associates more control over their commission payouts transfer methods
  • Improve visibility into funding flows, payment transaction data, and payout deliver times

Amy Kerwin
“In the past, I’ve spent the entire month of January doing nothing but collecting data and reviewing 1099 forms, which prevented me from completing other important projects. This year, I spent just a week and a half in January reviewing files that Hyperwallet had already generated. Hyperwallet’s Tax Services feature has made the process so much less stressful.”

Amy Kerwin, Crius’s Commissions Team Lead
(Viridian is a former subsidiary of Crius Energy LLC)