Subject & Site Payouts for Clinical Trials


Automate Clinical Trial Payments for CROs, Sites & Investigators

PayPal’s payout capabilities, powered by Hyperwallet, help provide clinical trial sponsors, contract research organizations (CROs), and research sites with a fast, efficient, and transparent way to automate and accelerate subject and investigator payouts.Read our guide to see how PayPal’s payout capabilities allow organizations to:
  • Drive study engagement
  • Easily integrate existing technology with our drop-in transfer UI and API
  • Improve transparency and payment visibility for sites and subjects
  • Help lower instances of payment errors, delays, and fraud
  • Meet data storage and tokenization according to industry regulations
  • Improve payment visibility, tracking, and reconciliation
  • Help reduce the hassle of cash and check payments with digital payout options


Spend Less Time Worrying About Research Payouts

Invite subjects and investigators to self-select their payout method and claim their payments through a branded user interface. Once payees claim their first payout, it’s easy for them to receive subsequent or recurring payments.

Centralize CRO Payments

Offer local payout options and currencies, improve trial operational efficiency, and reduce site resource requirements — all while driving study participation. That’s the power of Hyperwallet’s centralized, brandable payout technology.


Improve Subject Satisfaction

Offer quick and convenient incentive and reimbursement payments to subjects with instant-issue prepaid cards. For ongoing projects, utilize Hyperwallet’s Pay Portal Payout Experience to instantly notify subjects of pending payments.


Enhance Investigator Payments

Easily adhere to grant objectives by ensuring the accurate and granular reporting of investigator payment data. PayPal's payout capabilities help to reduce investigator payment delays and accelerate payout cycle timelines.

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