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Hyperwallet responds quickly to all inbound inquiries and support requests by phone, email, and live chat.Whether you want an update on an impending payment or need help with Hyperwallet’s developer sandbox, we have someone standing by who can help.


Having trouble receiving payments or accessing your Hyperwallet payee account?Reach out to Hyperwallet’s Support team and get a fast and effective solution to your payment issue.


Need to send payouts to your freelancers, workers, or sellers?Contact a Hyperwallet Solution Expert to discuss our payout capabilities, integration methods, and pricing.


Looking for help with Hyperwallet’s APIs, SDKs, or drop-in UIs?Our development team can help you learn more about the code that powers Hyperwallet’s payout technology.

Corporate Sales

Canada/US: 1-855-787-1009
Mon-Thu, 9am-8pm / Fri 9am-6pm EST.

Australia: 1-800-729-725