Esports Prize Payments for Game Publishers & Tournament Organizers

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Simplify & Accelerate Esports Prize Payment Distribution

Hyperwallet’s global payment technology helps game publishers and esports tournament organizers reduce the complexity and administrative hassle associated with disbursing prize payments to players around the world. From player data collection and verification, to payment tracking, delivery and tax services, Hyperwallet’s intuitive payout system helps you focus on hosting successful tournaments instead of worrying about the mechanics of sending prize payments.

  • Quickly disburse esports prize payments digitally
  • Pay winnings in local currencies to players in 200+ countries and regions
  • Reduce administration hassle by automating your prize disbursement process
  • Offer a fully branded prize payout solution

An Easier Way to Manage Your Prize Disbursements

Make Esports Prize Payments With Ease


Reduce Esports Prize Disbursement Delays

Provide players with easy access to their winnings, fast. With Hyperwallet, game publishers and tournament organizers have the ability to disburse funds as soon as winners have been announced.


Provide a Streamlined Payee Experience

Hyperwallet helps you verify player information with ease, reducing the overall accounting, tax withholding, and administrative hassles associated with delivering esports prize payments.


Put Players in Control of their Winnings

With 9 available payout methods, including PayPal and Venmo, Hyperwallet makes it easy for your tournament winners to choose how and when they’d like to accept their winnings.


Automate Global Prize Payouts

Hyperwallet’s scalable prize payout technology makes it easy to take your tournament global. Send winnings to 200+ countries and regions thanks to Hyperwallet’s global financial network.

What Works for Esports Publishers and Tournament Organizers

Enhance the Prize Payout Experience with Hyperwallet

Embedded Payee Experience

Integrate prize payment workflows directly into your existing web and mobile applications. Collect payment information through our drop-in transfer UI, send payment instructions automatically via API, and get players paid fast.

Pay Portal Payee Experience

Implement a prize payout solution that enables players to self-select their preferred prize payout method through a branded, Hyperwallet-hosted, web or mobile application.

Both payee experiences include Hyperwallet’s full-stack payout capabilities:

  • Multi-currency payouts delivered fast
  • Enhanced payout optionality
  • Integrated ID verification and validation
  • Tokenized personal and banking information
  • Multilingual UI functionality
  • In-depth payout tracking and reporting

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Quickly Distribute Esports Prize Winnings with Hyperwallet

Learn how your business can benefit from our powerful payout technology.

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