Compensation Payments for Freelance Workforces

PayPal provides flexible payouts for freelancers

Fast Payments for Your Freelance Workforce

PayPal’s payout capabilities, powered by Hyperwallet, allow you to send payouts to a globally distributed team of contract service providers, contributors, and freelancers with ease. Whether you’re supplementing your full-time workforce or operating a staffing system that relies on attracting freelance contractors, PayPal’s global payout network can help ensure these workers are paid quickly, securely, and in a manner that suits their unique needs.Read our guide to see how PayPal’s payout capabilities allow you to:
  • Quickly pay commissions and/or contractor fees via a digital solution
  • Send payments to 200+ countries and regions through a single, streamlined payout management system
  • Reduce the overall accounting, US tax withholding, and administrative hassles associated with delivering payments to contractors
  • Automate payout administration so freelancers can review, update, and manage their own data
  • Help reduce cross-border payment costs by utilizing local rails


A Flexible Workforce Requires Flexible Payouts

Create a custom compensation system that enables contractors and freelancers to self-select their preferred payout method through a branded Pay Portal experience, or embed integrated payout functionality directly into your existing website or application using Hyperwallet’s payout API or drop-in transfer method UI.

Accommodate the Unique Needs of Freelancers

The speed, convenience, and cost at which you send payments can impact freelance worker retention at your organization. Hyperwallet can help you create a payout experience that keeps workers motivated and engaged.


Offer Banked & Unbanked Options

Remove barriers to contracting with your company by thinking beyond bank payments. While Hyperwallet offers rapid payment delivery through direct bank deposits, the platform also offers digital methods, like PayPal, and Venmo, as well as unbanked methods like prepaid cards and cash pickup.


Tools to Help Workers Excel

Payments can be a major source of anxiety for contract workers. From payment tracking technology to tax reporting, Hyperwallet helps ease the fears of variable income by providing your workers with increased control and visibility into how and when they receive their funds.

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