Modernizing Claims Payouts for Insurance Companies

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Drive Efficiencies with Digital Claims Payouts

Modernize the way your organization issues insurance claims to consumers and businesses around the world with Hyperwallet’s digital claims payment technology. With Hyperwallet’s payout optionality, insurers can reduce the overhead costs associated with traditional claim check processing, while still maintaining the controls needed to satisfy regulatory requirements.

  • Improve customer satisfaction by delivering a digital payout experience
  • Streamline the internal administration of claims payouts
  • Reduce overhead and issuing costs associated with disbursing claims
  • Move away from issuing checks and offer faster payout methods
  • Streamline agent and vendor payments at the same time

Solve Claims Payouts Inefficiencies

Gain a Competitive Edge by Offering Payout Optionality


Offer Payout

Let your claimants choose their preferred payout method. Hyperwallet quickly delivers claims payments through direct bank deposits, PayPal, direct to debit, and Venmo, as well as traditional check payments.


Reduce Claim

Issuing checks is a long, manual, and paper-intensive process. Hyperwallet can help you reduce the costs associated with issuing claims, while also decreasing the frequency of lost or returned disbursement payments.


Improve Customer

With Hyperwallet, claims payouts can be issued quickly and easily, thanks to a number of digital payment methods. This helps reduce customer service inquiries, an important factor in overall customer service.


Streamline the
Approval Process

Hyperwallet’s payment technology is built on a role-based user hierarchy defined by data access restrictions. This makes it easy for insurance organizations to preserve a multi-layer approval process and/or restrict data visibility to only approved administrators.

What Works for Insurance Agencies

Empower Your Claimants

Embedded Payee Experience

Integrate claims disbursement workflows directly into your existing web and mobile insurance applications. Collect payment information through our drop-in transfer UI, send payment instructions automatically via API, and get claimants paid fast.

Pay Portal Payee Experience

Hyperwallet will work with you to configure a claims payment solution that will not only notify claimants as soon as their funds become available, but also enable them to self-select their preferred payout method through a beautifully branded, Hyperwallet-hosted, web or mobile application.

Both payee experiences include Hyperwallet’s full-stack payout capabilities:

  • Multi-currency payouts delivered fast
  • Enhanced payout optionality
  • Integrated ID verification and validation
  • Tokenized personal and banking information
  • Multilingual UI functionality
  • In-depth payout tracking and reporting

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Digitize Your Claims Disbursements with Hyperwallet

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