Modern Global Marketplaces Rely on Flexible Payouts

Marketplace-led payouts

Flexible Payouts Are Key for Taking Control of the Payment Stack & Easily Sending Funds

Today’s digital marketplaces need tools to seamlessly receive, settle, and distribute funds all over the world—without bogging down their core business. This means being flexible enough to operate with many currencies, remain compliant with local and international regulations, and offer various transfer methods to their payees and sellers. This eBook will review licensed, PSP-controlled, and marketplace-led payout models and showcase how Hyperwallet’s technology gives global, two-sided platforms authority over their payment flow, helping them address these challenges and allowing them to focus on the things they do best.Read our eBook to see how Hyperwallet helps enable marketplaces to:
  • Take control of the payment flow
  • Seamlessly settle, fund, and send payouts
  • Offer flexible transfer methods to payees and sellers around the world
  • Integrate easily via API or batch uploads
  • Meet payment compliance requirements

Unlock the Benefits

Enhanced Control, Reduced Friction

With Hyperwallet’s marketplace-led model, modern marketplaces have full oversight over the payment stack, without being embedded in the flow of funds.


Have clear visibility into who gets paid when, and how much—making it easy to report on these items.


Global Compliance

Stay ahead of critical payment regulations, such as the EU’s Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2).


Flow of Funds

Seamlessly settle funds from various payment service providers (PSP), while also unlocking transfer method optionality for payees and sellers around the world.

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