Global direct selling firms choose Hyperwallet to deliver 100% electronic, international commission distribution solution

Vancouver, B.C. – Hyperwallet Systems Inc. (“Hyperwallet”), the leading provider of global payment solutions, today announced the delivery of international, multi-currency commission distribution solutions for direct-selling organizations Amazon Herb, Future Prosperity and bHIP Global.

Hyperwallet provided each organization with a 100% electronic, global commission solution that enables them to send commission payments, in any currency they operate in, to their distributors worldwide via the Internet. Once a distributor account has been credited with their earnings, distributors simply sweep their payments to their local bank account using a secure and easy-to-use online service. From there they have quick and convenient access to their funds via their regular bank ATM cards.

When it came to selecting a commission payment solution, all three organizations had global payment needs that required a cost-effective and efficient alternative to cumbersome debit card programs, mailing paper-based checks overseas, and costly wire transfers. They also wanted the payment system to accommodate multiple funding currencies and languages.

Thanks to Hyperwallet’s extensive integration with international payment networks, multi-lingual user interfaces, and ability to accommodate funding of payments in international currencies, all three organizations are able to take advantage of an industry compliant and efficient payment distribution process no matter where they do business – all while enhancing their distributors’ payments experience.

“We are extremely proud to add this latest round of international customers to our growing install base and service their global payment requirements,” states Chris Silverson, Vice President, Sales at Hyperwallet.

“Having them on board further demonstrates the value that our combined global payment network and financial technologies bring to the international payments marketplace. We look forward to being a key partner to customers such as these in extending their payments reach internationally, while delivering optimal efficiencies in the payment distribution process.”

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