Global health and wellness firm leverages Hyperwallet’s international payment solutions to enable 100% electronic, multi-currency, direct deposit commissions

Vancouver, B.C. – Hyperwallet Systems Inc. (“Hyperwallet”), the leading provider of international payment solutions, today announced that 4Life Research, a worldwide health and wellness organization, selected Hyperwallet to enable a global, multi-currency, direct deposit commission solution for their organization.

“As we continue to grow our business internationally, we required a global payment solution that would allow us to both extend our payments reach into new markets, and move away from some of the inefficient and costly payment methods we had been using,” states Mark Ostler, Chief Financial Officer of 4Life Research. “With Hyperwallet, we’re now able to provide multi-currency direct deposit commissions to distributors worldwide quickly, easily and securely, in regions where payment distribution was once a challenge.”

Now with Hyperwallet, once 4Life makes a commission payment to a distributor, the funds are electronically deposited into a secure, online e-wallet account. Thanks to Hyperwallet’s integration with global financial networks, the funds are then automatically transferred from the distributor’s e-wallet to their local bank account, in their native currency, providing them with fast and convenient access to their payment.

“With this solution, everyone wins. Our distributors get immediate access to their funds in their domestic currency, and we as a corporation realize significant international payment distribution cost and time savings. Plus, we’re able to leverage Hyperwallet as a business tool to help drive our future international market growth. It doesn’t get any better than that, really,” says Ostler.

“We’re proud to add 4Life Research to our growing list of marquee, world-class customers in the direct selling sector that have a global payments requirement,” notes Chris Silverson, Vice President, Sales at Hyperwallet. “By using Hyperwallet, 4Life Research now has an efficient and powerful payment alternative that also delivers an ideal payment service to their associates – no matter where they are.”

About 4Life Research

4Life Research is a health & wellness company that markets its general health care, personal care, weight management and animal care products through a network of independent sales agents that span the globe. Now in over 40 countries around the world, 4Life continues to open new offices to better service its representative networks. Local offices mean faster product distribution, better customer service, more contact between people, and more support for distributors. It’s all part of 4Life’s mission – Together, Building People.