Partnerships with Intuit, TelaMed Access, and LegalZoom enable new services designed to support payee success.

San Francisco, California – Hyperwallet, a leading global payouts provider to millions of independent workers, today revealed enhancements to its popular loyalty program, an integrated feature designed to improve payee engagement and offered to Hyperwallet clients free of charge. In addition to an expanded rewards catalog and refined user interface, the loyalty program now provides payees with preferential pricing on a range of independent business services through partners Intuit, TelaMed Access, and LegalZoom.

Intuit research shows that self-employed workers have grown to 36 percent of the US labor force, and are expected to reach 43 percent by 2020,” explained Cassie Divine, Vice President of Intuit QuickBooks Self-Employed. “Therefore, it’s imperative that companies come together to develop the support structure independent earners need to help them manage their day-to-day business management needs.”

The independent business services offered through Hyperwallet’s improved loyalty program include access to Intuit QuickBooks Self-Employed, designed specifically to put money back in the pockets of independent workers by making it easy to manage business and personal finances, handle taxes throughout the year, and meet compliance requirements. Hyperwallet’s loyalty program also includes access to discounted medical plans with 24/7/365 phone access to board-certified healthcare professionals through TelaMed Access, and on-demand personal and business legal support and advice through LegalZoom. The services are easily accessible from the Hyperwallet Pay Portal dashboard and are available to all payees of loyalty-enabled clients from the moment they create their Hyperwallet account.

“With the services provided by Intuit, TelaMed Access, and LegalZoom, we hope that we can alleviate some of the anxiety that comes with independent earning,” said Brent Warrington, Hyperwallet’s CEO. “Payees can rest easier knowing that there’s support available when they need it, and our clients get a major value-add in ensuring that their payees have the absolute best shot at success.”

Hyperwallet first introduced its loyalty program at the end of 2015. Since launch, the feature has been adopted by a number of Hyperwallet clients to increase brand awareness, boost payee retention, and accelerate revenue drivers.