New prepaid card products enable on-demand card issuance for immediate funds access

Vancouver, B.C. – Hyperwallet Systems Inc. (“Hyperwallet”), a trusted payments technology and service provider to top-tier organizations that make payments to employees and other beneficiaries, today announced the launch of instant-issue corporate prepaid card programs which enable organizations to quickly and easily disburse funds to employees on-demand.

Instant-issue prepaid cards are non-personalized cards that are held in secure inventory by the corporate, and can be issued in a controlled manner to employees and payees as required. These cards are convenient in many corporate scenarios across a wide variety of industry sectors.

As an example, in sectors such as education, students sometimes need to be paid hardship funds. In this case, emergency funds can be delivered immediately on an instant-issue prepaid card. In other sectors such as clinical trials, patients can be given a prepaid card that has been loaded with funds immediately following their appointment, to reimburse their travel costs and cover any stipend obligations.

For general corporate expense management, instant-issue prepaid cards offer a great alternative to corporate credit cards, particularly for employees incurring corporate expenses infrequently, or for sundry expense items as an alternative to petty cash.

“Instant-issue corporate prepaid cards deliver several key benefits for both businesses and cardholders alike,” states Bill Crowley, Vice President of Product & Services at Hyperwallet. “We believe both parties will see substantial value in the immediate payments convenience they offer, and in the enhanced financial management control they provide.”

Organizations interested to learn more about Hyperwallet’s instant-issue prepaid card solutions can contact Hyperwallet at +1 (604) 482-0090 or e-mail for more details.