Corporations can now pay individuals quickly in India using low-cost bank transfers, in local INR currency

Vancouver, B.C. – Hyperwallet Systems Inc. (“Hyperwallet”), a global payments provider, offers advanced payment solutions for corporations with global payment needs. Hyperwallet has recently launched payment services to India, providing corporations with a fast, low-cost method of making payments via direct-to-bank money transfers in local currency.

Traditionally, making payments to India can be a challenging process for many companies due to the country’s strict regulatory environment. Hyperwallet has solved this problem by enabling corporates to make fully-compliant, low-cost electronic payments to Indian bank accounts in INR currency, typically within 1-2 business days.

With the addition of payments to India, Hyperwallet continues to enhance their global payment platform and expand their global payments footprint. Hyperwallet’s payment platform enables companies and individuals to receive and manage their funds using a variety of options including online e-wallets, bank deposit, prepaid cards, cash pick-up, via mobile phone and more.

“India, with its diverse population of over 1 billion people and highly regulated banking environment, has historically been a difficult payment destination for many global corporations that need to pay individuals in-country,” states Mike Monty, Vice President of Financial Networks at Hyperwallet.

“We continue to expand our payments network and develop new payment solutions to meet the global needs of our clients and their payees. By offering direct-to-bank payment services to India, making low-cost and efficient payments into the Indian subcontinent is now a reality for corporations and their payees worldwide.”

Companies interested in making payments to India can contact Hyperwallet at +1 (604) 482-0090 or e-mail to learn more.