Corporations can now pay individuals quickly in both countries using low-cost bank transfers, in local currency

Vancouver, B.C. –Hyperwallet Systems Inc. (“Hyperwallet”), a leading provider of global payment solutions, today announced the availability of new low-cost direct-to-bank payment services in Malaysia and Chile.

Many global corporations are active in these rapidly growing economies and need to pay people locally in a cost-effective and timely manner. However, due to the complex financial regulatory environments in Malaysia and Chile, paying individuals quickly and cost-effectively in both countries can be a challenge for many businesses.

Hyperwallet has addressed this problem by enabling fully-compliant direct-to-bank transfers in both countries in local currency, within two to three business days. Powered by Hyperwallet’s global payment platform and extensive financial networks, corporations can easily make mass payouts while providing payees with flexible in-country payment options.

In addition to direct-to-bank money transfers, Hyperwallet also enables payees to receive payments on brandable prepaid debit cards, or as cash at any Western Union agent location across both Malaysia and Chile.

“We continue to extend our global payment network to support the international payment needs of our corporate customers and their payees worldwide,” states Mike Monty, Vice President of Financial Networks at Hyperwallet. “Both Malaysia and Chile represent a significant market for many businesses, and we are pleased to offer low-cost direct-to-bank transfers in these countries in addition to our existing prepaid card and cash pick-up services.”

Organizations needing to make cost-effective payments to Malaysia and Chile can contact Hyperwallet at +1 (604) 482-0090 or e-mail for further details.