Hyperwallet’s REST Payout API Will Move into Public Beta Following the Company’s Presentation at FinDEVr this Week

San Francisco, California – Hyperwallet, the world’s leading outbound payments platform, revealed today that its REST payout API would move into public beta following the company’s presentation at FinDEVr New York tomorrow. The API has been in private beta with select Hyperwallet clients since it was announced last October, making this the first time the API has been available to the broader developer community.

The public beta of the Hyperwallet API will include a new developer portal supporting self-serve developer signup with immediate access to a sandbox environment. Once they have been authenticated in the sandbox, developers will have all the tools they need to integrate Hyperwallet’s payout technology in just a few minutes. This includes access to API credentials, audit logs, and comprehensive documentation.

“We’re pleased to be opening Hyperwallet’s payout API to the public,” said Brent Warrington, Hyperwallet’s CEO. “Our integrable payment technology not only gives platforms greater control of their worker payouts, but also ensures that process takes place quickly and efficiently. Now that the API is moving into public beta, we’re very excited to see the new and innovative ways that it’s utilized by the developer community.”

Hyperwallet’s product development team recently presented the payout API and widget at DeveloperWeek in San Francisco, where CMSWire included Hyperwallet in its list of Six Young Companies to Watch at #DevWeek16.