New brand signals the company’s renewed focus on accessible payments solutions for global organizations.

San Francisco, California and Vancouver, B.C. – Hyperwallet Systems Inc. (“Hyperwallet”), a global leader in the payments industry, today unveiled its new brand identity, including an updated corporate logo, a fresh slogan, a redesigned website, and a new product line of Mass Payments Solutions.

The brand launch signals Hyperwallet’s increased emphasis on simplicity and efficiency in the global payments marketplace, and renews the company’s focus on making mass payments effortless for businesses and their payees. Hyperwallet’s slogan—Mass Payments, Simplified—is indicative of the company’s new approach.

“Our clients will continue to receive Hyperwallet’s high level of personalized service and access to our global payments networks,” said Peter Burridge, Hyperwallet’s President and Chief Commercial Officer. “This change is about diversifying our solution offering to accommodate a larger market and to further simplify the mass payments process.”

Hyperwallet’s new Mass Payments Solutions emerged from over a decade of experience as a leading mass payments provider. To simplify the payments process and better address the needs of clients across a range of industries, the company has distilled its offering into two distribution categories: sender-directed and receiver-directed.

“With a sender-directed payments model, the organization sending funds determines how payees will receive them,” said Bill Crowley, Hyperwallet’s Chief Product Officer. “A receiver-directed model, on the other hand, gives payees the flexibility to decide how they receive their money. Both models have benefits; our job at Hyperwallet is to help you understand which will work best for your business.”

Hyperwallet offers a total of four Mass Payments Solutions—two for each of the primary distribution models. The sender-directed Pay to Bank and Pay to Card Solutions allow organizations to conduct an efficient and controlled payment process while utilizing Hyperwallet’s global payments networks. The receiver-directed Pay by Portal and Pay by Inbox Solutions are ideal for organizations looking to reduce their administrative burden and offer their payees some choice in how they access their payments.

Hyperwallet’s corporate website, which has been populated with the company’s new branding and Mass Payments Solutions offering, went live this morning. For more information on Hyperwallet and the new line of Mass Payment Solutions, please download our Definitive Guide to Mass Payments Distribution white paper or request a call from one of our Mass Payments Specialists.