Integrating helped tilr enable fast and efficient payments to unbanked workers.

Hyperwallet, a top global payout provider to digital platforms, today announced that they are powering payouts for tilr, a skills-based recruiting platform with big expansion plans for 2018. tilr’s Hyperwallet-managed solution has enabled the company to more easily scale their payout operations and open their platform to unbanked and underbanked workers.

“The ability to offer real-time payouts to a branded prepaid debit card was a tremendous asset for us,” explained Summer Crenshaw, COO and Co-Founder at tilr. “Our goal has always been to provide a sustainable ecosystem for independent workers so that we may reach all demographics of worker. Ensuring that we’re able to provide our community members with a safe and convenient way to collect their earnings is of paramount importance to us. The Hyperwallet solution allows us to meet that goal while also serving the unbanked population. Hyperwallet also helps to provide tilr with an additional a competitive advantage for our clients as we work towards daily pay for our users. tilr was able to integrate Hyperwallet’s payout capabilities directly into their web and mobile application using data tokenization and API calls.

While the initial roll out of the solution is restricted to USD, tilr has plans to add additional currencies as they expand across North America and around the world. “In the future, we plan to offer our automated hiring solution around the globe,” said Crenshaw. “Hyperwallet allows us to scale in a way that meets the needs of our company.”

Named as a top startup to watch in 2018 by Forbes, tilr uses a smart algorithm to match qualified, pre-vetted workers with companies based on their skillset and geographical location, rather than a resume and job title. “It’s a truly unique way of recruiting,” said Brent Warrington, CEO of Hyperwallet. “Here at Hyperwallet, we’re striving to build a payout solution that can cater to the needs of a future workforce. Helping tilr tackle the payouts on their platform is a perfect example of why the Hyperwallet solution is so powerful.”