Fast, Flexible Payments for On-Demand Platforms


Payouts That Are Quick & Convenient – Just Like Your Platform

On-demand workers have high expectations when it comes to the fast, efficient delivery of funds. PayPal’s payout capabilities, powered by Hyperwallet, allow on-demand platforms and service providers to offer an efficient, flexible, and transparent payout experience for their workers. Hyperwallet’s payout technology makes it easy to settle funds directly from your existing merchant acquirers, and remove your platform from the flow of funds.Read our guide to see how PayPal’s payout capabilities allow on-demand platforms to:
  • Distribute global payouts to banked, unbanked, and underbanked workers
  • Maintain multiple payment service providers and acquirers
  • Offer a wide range of fast payout options, including Venmo and PayPal
  • Verify and manage payee data with Payee Verification tools
  • Automate key operational and administrative payout processes


Streamline Payments to Your Global On-Demand Workforce

PayPal will work with your on-demand platform to help enable a compensation system that allows your workers to self-select their preferred payout method. Add an embedded experience in your existing website or application, or use our stand-alone web and mobile-friendly Pay Portal.

Offer Payout Optionality

Provide your workers with more control over how and when they collect their payments, as well as reduce barriers to working on your on-demand platform.


Ease Cashflow Concerns

Help ensure your workers are paid promptly and transparently. Hyperwallet's payout API can send payments monthly, weekly, or same-day, providing your workers with fast access to their earned funds.


Improve Payment Workflow

Remove your platform from the flow of funds, while also maintaining the ability to direct who gets paid, how much, and when. PayPal’s payout capabilities can flex to the needs of your payment workflow.

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