• Payday has a wide range of implications for American workers – from providing critical funds for groceries and bills, to the extra cushion needed to finally splurge on a family vacation. Hyperwallet surveyed 2,000 American workers to uncover their payday opinions and preferences.

    Whether you’re an American worker, employer, or policymaker, this report is for you.

    • — 61 percent of respondents work in a set location but only 19 percent want to work in a set location.
    • — American workers would be willing to give up such staples as chocolate, pizza, caffeine and TV/Netflix to receive their paychecks sooner.
    • — 1099 workers wait longer for payments than workers overall (28 percent wait 3-4 business days, while 15.2 percent wait more than a week).
    • — Fewer than 1 in 4 American workers surveyed indicate a delayed paycheck would not impact them.

    Download Payday in America to gain a better understanding of:

    • Workers’ feelings toward payday
    • Financial habits surrounding payday
    • Work flexibility preferences
    • How American workers get paid

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