Your business will benefit from the power of a global payout platform

Powerful technology to simplify your payout process

Our value-added tools, flexible payment architecture, and automated operations work together to provide you and your payees a seamless payout experience. With a single payout solution for worldwide operations, see how your business can benefit from our global financial network and advanced payee services.


Flexible integration for payment infrastructure that scales

Platform Architecture

Easy Integration & Implementation

Benefit from global payout technology designed to fit seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. Our APIs and Widget implementation make it easy to integrate payout functionality directly into your website, mobile app, and platform.

Infrastructure that Benefits You

You decide whether to use our batch file upload or payment API calls to perform tasks like registering your payees or making payments. Get granular with end-to-end visibility into funds transfers and see exactly how much your payees will receive.

Advanced Account Hierarchy

You retain ownership of your multi-currency sub-accounts and tell us how to segment them into programs. Benefit from having visibility into funding balances, and ensure you have the ability to independently facilitate and track payments.


Scale globally, pay locally

Our global payout network is constantly evolving to meet the specific needs of our corporate clients. Our rails span the globe, making it easier for you to deliver full-value, multi-currency payouts to your payees almost anywhere in the world. Give your sellers, vendors, and freelancers the benefit of deciding where, when, and how they want to get paid.

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Streamline operations with integrated administrative tools


Payment Instruction Flexibility

Use our batch technology and handle all of your payment data in a single file upload, or integrate with API calls and create disbursements in real-time.


Reduced Exceptions & Returns

Comprehensive reporting supports exception handling and reconciliation. Integrated bank validation happens in real-time, resulting in one of the lowest error rate in the industry.


Data Analytics & Reporting

Our payout solutions give you full visibility into payee accounts, enable you to see payment transaction data, and provide real-time, end-to-end reporting.


Multi-Currency Treasury Management

Your treasury department can fund payouts in more than 30 different currencies without opening new local entities or foreign bank accounts. With Hyperwallet’s payout platform technology, you’ll benefit from having full visibility into funding balances, payment monitoring, along with real-time FX rates and conversions.


Fund Using the Most Convenient Method

Fund your payouts to Hyperwallet directly, route payments through our global financial network of in-country bank partners using our virtual payment settlement accounts, or let us work directly with your merchant acquirer to settle funds straight from their accounts. Our funding mechanisms make it easy for global marketplaces to control and direct payment funds in multiple currencies.


Top-tier security and integrated identity verification

PCI and SOC1 govern our security audits, and our payout platform includes Know Your Payee (KYP) compliance controls designed to satisfy industry regulatory requirements. Our security and compliance practices include AML transaction monitoring, OFAC and sanctions screening, and a risk-based assessment algorithm that’s designed to allow payees to be efficiently onboarded and identified with minimal friction. Rapid onboarding boosts momentum for both you and your payees.

Account verification
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Provide payees with unprecedented control of their earnings experience

Offer Payout Choice

Give your payees control over how and in which currency they receive their funds. On-the-go availability is offered through our native mobile app or through API integration. Payout methods include local currency bank deposits, branded prepaid or virtual cards, direct transfers to an existing debit or credit card, and more.

Multilingual Payee Support

Provide your payees with friendly and knowledgeable phone, chat, and email support using our full service, multilingual contact center—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hyperwallet representatives can answer all inquiries using your company name, so your payees never know they’ve left your ecosystem.

Improve Last Mile Visibility with Payment Tracking

Give your payee’s full visibility into the payout process. Our payout technology offers everything from real-time push notifications for new and processed payouts to detailed account balances a payment tracking as it happens.

Versatile Payee Services and Options
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