Developer-friendly implementation options

Our Implementation Options

Integrate our payout platform using your preferred method

We know your developers’ time is valuable. Our implementation options make it easy to integrate powerful payout functionality into your software without placing unnecessary burdens on your engineers.



Offer our payout technology through a full-service, standalone portal that’s simple to set up and offers easy access for your payees.

  • Minimal integration effort
  • Delivered through a Hyperwallet-branded web and mobile experience (custom branding optional)


Integrate using our JavaScript widget to quickly plug global bank deposit functionality into an existing application.

  • Moderate API integration effort
  • Delivered through our UI widget on your website and within your applications


Embed our payout technology to enjoy complete control over your payout experience with developer-friendly APIs and rapid scalability.

  • Full API integration effort
  • End-to-end payout experience built into your website or application


Accelerated speed to market

Our turnkey Hosted payout platform implementation accommodates your unique branding and gives payees self-serve access to their funds. This implementation option is great for clients who want to get up and running quickly.

Implementation Features:

  • Spreadsheet, XML batch file, or REST API integration
  • Mobile-responsive branded website, standalone iOS and Android app
  • Hyperwallet-hosted portal with multiple optional add-on modules
Hyperwallet Hosted Implementation Method
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Your application, our financial network

Send payments through our global financial network without directing visitors away from your website or off your application. Compatible with our Direct solution, our payout widget can be plugged directly into your application. Clients often use Widget implementation to take advantage of our card and bank account tokenization, as it frees them from storing sensitive information on their own servers.

Implementation Features:

  • REST APIs, SDKs, and JavaScript widget
  • Delivered through our UI widget on your website and within your applications
  • Payout globally using local bank deposits, cards, international wires, or checks
Hyperwallet Widget Implementation Method
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Integrate our technology into your solution stack

Use our payout APIs to incorporate secure, flexible payment capabilities into your existing applications. This integration method makes it easy to onboard payees within your own application, ensuring a smooth, unified end-user experience. This is a great option for clients who want to control the look and feel of the payout process without handling sensitive financial information in-house (all data is stored on Hyperwallet’s servers). The Embedded implementation approach scales as you grow, making it easy to add new countries and currencies when necessary.

Implementation Features:

  • Full integration via REST APIs
  • You control your payee experience and user environment
  • Supports rapid expansion as you add new currencies and countries
Hyperwallet Embed Implementation Method
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Our Solution Experts

Expert consulting and support


Program Selection

Our Solution Experts are here to help you build the ideal payout implementation program. Together, we’ll consider brand requirements, desired payout methods, and project timelines in order to create a program that’ll get you up and running quickly.


Hands-On Training

You and your administrators will be trained on every touch point of the payment cycle in order to ensure quick and easy internal adoption.


Post-Implementation Review

Our Solution Experts don’t just disappear once you’re up and running. Instead, they’re on hand to answer any ongoing questions and make sure your team is happy with every aspect of your solution.


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