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Breathing New Life Into Hyperwallet Documentation

TL;DRThe team at Hyperwallet is excited to announce the redesign of the documentation portal,, a project aimed at unifying product content.

The team worked tirelessly at delivering content improvements, a clean look and feel, dynamic pages, and publishing capabilities. The result? An enhanced self-service experience that’s intuitive and enjoyable for both technical and non-technical users alike.

Centralized Resources for Easy Access

Our aim was to make the doc portal a single source of truth for both technical and product documentation. Now, you’ll find information on payout flows, integration requirements, and the payee experience all in one place. The updated navigation structure allows users to access content at a glance; no hidden tutorials or tedious scrolling. We’ve also added content Overviews, so readers can get a quick on topics without having to invest a lot of time.

We’ve also prioritized content based on search data surfaced by our users. As such, our 9 available payment methods are now front and center, and users can find details on payment method availability, countries and regions, the workflow, and the payee experience.

New Appearance and Design

The overall look and feel of the documentation needed a serious refresh. We wanted to reflect the narrative and clean appearance from our corporate site and extend it to documentation where it made sense. Now you’ll notice more application of white space for increased visibility, information hierarchy with bullet lists, and important reminders and notes in blue.

We’ve also added visuals and screenshots to guide users through the payee’s journey and experience. In some cases, we have added a design elements section to detail how our client’s brand can be made more visible through the interface.

Dynamic Developer Content

Our API and OneBatch content are now more dynamic than ever before. Simple drop-down lists allow developers to understand precisely what they need to add a bank account in almost ant country to a Payee, including code samples targeted at the selection. Developers will appreciate the red, black and blue colors used in the code samples, which aid in making the examples and integration easier to follow.

Finally, we’ve significantly increased the number of text links and connected pages throughout the documentation portal to direct readers to the desired content or page, so that they can learn more about a specific topic.

What’s Next

We will be continuously updating our Pay Portal, with new and improved content published weekly. Visit Hyperwallet documentation portal now and see what is new there. We hope you enjoy these improvements, and most importantly, and can efficiently find what you’re looking for.

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