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PayPal as a Transfer Method

PayPal is a dominant name in the online and mobile payment market. It’s not surprising then that PayPal is fast becoming a preferred payout method for digital enterprises and marketplaces too. So, what are you waiting for? Give your payees the payout method they prefer with Hyperwallet’s integrated PayPal payout functionality. Click here to learn more about PayPal.

PayPal Transfer Method

Transfer to PayPal can be received in 115 countries and 16 currencies.

Payees Prefer PayPal

With PayPal, payees can use the money they’ve earned on your platform to shop quickly and securely in-store and online at millions of retailers, easily send money to PayPal friends and family around the globe, and more.

Offer PayPal As a Transfer Method to Your Payees

PayPal is offered as a default transfer method configuration on all Hyperwallet payout programs. Transfers to PayPal are available in nine currencies.*

If your Hyperwallet payout solution features a Pay Portal Payout Experience, PayPal will appear as a payout option on the Transfer Method screen. Check out the explainer video below for more details.

PayPal is also offered as part of an Embedded Payout Experience using Hyperwallet’s Transfer Method Drop-in UI or through REST API. Check out Hyperwallet’s PayPal transfer method documentation to learn more about integrating this popular transfer method.

Get Up and Running with PayPal as a Transfer Method

One of multiple payout transfer methods currently available on the Hyperwallet platform, PayPal payout transfers make it easy for your payees to send funds to PayPal, without any additional treasury management requirements on your behalf. Simply send Hyperwallet your payment instructions (either through a batch upload or API call), along with the corresponding funds to disburse, and our centralized treasury management capabilities will take care of the last mile delivery of funds.

Provide your payees with the payout method they prefer. Contact a Hyperwallet Payout Solution Expert today for more information on currency availability and pricing details.

*Geographical restrictions may apply. Please contact a Payout Solution Expert for more details.

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