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The Recipe for Integration Success

TL;DR We’ve been cooking up a storm over here in Hyperwallet’s documentation. These step-by-step integration guides are similar to recipes; they give you all the ingredients you need to make something incredible. We’ve developed a fresh, step-by-step narrative on how to integrate with one of our 2 payout experiences, based on your business needs and preferences.

When it comes to cooking up a solution for integrating the best payout experience for your payees, it can either feel like there’s too many cooks in the kitchen, or that you’re missing an important ingredient. Hyperwallet has just released step-by-step guides on 2 all-important payout experiences; the Pay Portal Payout Experience, and the Embedded Payout Experience.

Each serves up their own benefits to merchants looking to offer payees a seamless way to collect their payments. These benefits include—but are not limited to—improving brand presence, enabling payout methods in payees’ local currencies, and allowing a multilingual interface and support structure for payees. Let’s dig into each experience a bit more.

The Pay Portal Payout Experience

The Pay Portal Payout Experience is an intuitive, easy to use interface that gives payees fast, self-serve access to their pending payments. Built with Hyperwallet’s user-friendly, multi-lingual web portal, the Pay Portal Payout Experience can be custom branded to accommodate an organization’s unique color scheme and company logo.

The Pay Portal Payout Experience requires minimal development, allowing businesses to significantly reduce integration timelines and get payees paid faster. Not only can payees receive their funds faster, but they can self-select their preferred language from more than 30 different UI translations: perfect for marketplaces and enterprises that operate globally. Lastly, the Pay Portal allows you to put your brand front and center. Hyperwallet’s responsive environment showcases your brand, and is perfect for bolstering brand recognition, and brand loyalty.

Integrating the Pay Portal Payout Experience can differ depending on which payout model you’ve decided to implement: a Virtual Account, or a Straight-Through model. Read more about these two distinct models, and explore documentation on integrating the Pay Portal Payout Experience here.

The Embedded Payout Experience

The Embedded Payout Experience allows you to maintain your web presence, and all of the front end work your team has put in on your existing solution. You can add the Embedded Experience directly into your existing website or application, and customize every aspect of the payee UI.

The Embedded Payout Experience is ideal for marketplaces and enterprises that have an in-house development team, and want to streamline their integration efforts. Hyperwallet’s full stack payout capabilities can be fully integrated using the payout API, or mixed and matched with API endpoints and drop-in UIs to help reduce development timelines.

Read our documentation on integrating the Embedded Payout Experience here.

Let’s Get Cooking

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