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Understanding Transfer Methods in an Embedded Experience

Picture this: your development team has done a lot of heavy lifting for your organization. The plumbing is good, the front end and interface is inviting, and now it’s time to adopt a payout system. You want to maintain your high-converting and hard-won interface, and want to introduce a flexible payout technology. But that’s easier said than done. Do you start planning for months of investment on dev resources?

You could. Or you could leverage the best of both worlds: a full stack payout technology that embeds in, and merges with, your existing application with variable integration effort and complete control of the payee interface. Yeah, we’d suggest going with that option too.

What is an Embedded Experience?

Alright, let’s back up. What is an “embedded experience” anyways? This payout experience is intended for enterprises and marketplaces that want to have full control over the end-user experience of their payees. Once implemented, this experience allows organizations to integrate Hyperwallet’s payout capabilities directly into their existing environments. The Embedded Payout Experience employs drop-in UI components and a robust payout API, making it easy to integrate proven payment technology into your native environments and applications.

An Embedded Payout Experience can be created using one, or a combination of methods, including:

Drop-in UIs enable you to embed Hyperwallet’s transfer method technology and payee verification process directly into your existing website or application using a few simple lines of code. Not only can you customize and streamline every aspect of the payee user interface, but your organization can offload many payment-related regulatory and compliance needs to Hyperwallet, a payment system that’s purpose-built to handle these requirements. Sensitive payee information isn’t stored within your application, and inputs are validated in real-time against Hyperwallet’s global library of bank account requirements.

The payout API allows you to integrate powerful payout capabilities, or mix and match API end points with Hyperwallet’s robust drop-in UIs to help reduce development timelines. Whether you need to retrieve transaction histories, or register your recipients, Hyperwallet’s REST API allows payout experiences to be fully customized to your specific needs.

The Drop-in UI and API supports 5 transfer methods, allowing payouts with PayPal, Venmo, Bank Account (both wire and bank card), Debit, or Paper Check. The Drop-in UI also allows for configuration of payee verification.

Curious? See a list of attributes and endpoints for each transfer method by visiting the corresponding documentation.

For even more payout optionality, Hyperwallet also offers a Prepaid Card API resource that lets you transfer funds to payees via a personalized physical or virtual prepaid card. Check out the corresponding API endpoints for Prepaid Cards here.

Want to explore the Embedded Experience some more? We don’t blame you. Contact a solutions expert to learn more about how your organization can leverage Hyperwallet’s Embedded Payout Experience today.

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