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Reimagining Hyperwallet’s Developer Community

Are you gaga for GET? Coocoo for CORS? Jumpin’ for JSON?

Okay, that’s lame—the point is that I love code, and if you’re a developer, I’ve got some important news to share.

I’m Carsten Jacobsen, and I’ve recently joined the Hyperwallet team as the company’s new Developer Evangelist. I’m excited to announce that I’ll be managing the Hyperwallet developer community going forward, and I’ve got some great improvements planned for everything from developer newsletters, to thought leadership on the Hyperwallet blog, to the developer portal itself.

But first, a little about me.

I’ve worked as a software engineer for many years, and I’ve spent roughly the past decade writing code for startups in the Bay Area, including LitePoint, DreamFactory, and CloudRail. Over that time, much of my work has focused on APIs—designing systems that provide and/or consume APIs, and developing strategies for how best to integrate APIs into business solutions.

My professional roles have often meant spending a lot of time working directly with clients—during implementations, sure, but also at an early stage in the relationships to provide input from a technical standpoint and determine the extent to which they would benefit from our solutions. That also meant plenty of face time with coders at other companies, and I created loads of content (sample apps, for example) to help teach developers how to use our software.

If I’m being honest, developer evangelism isn’t something that I pictured myself ever doing—but over the years and across a number of companies, it’s something that I drifted towards, and I discovered that I have a real passion for it. Building a new piece of software can be really exciting, but there’s nothing quite like helping people learn to use that software to solve real-world problems.

Going forward, you can expect to see more frequent developer communications in your inbox (you may have even been directed to this post from our newsletter), where I’ll share news about the improvements we’re making to Hyperwallet’s developer tools and any articles that I think are interesting to our community. If you haven’t already, be sure to visit our subscription center to select the type of content you want to receive from us.

You’ll also have the chance to see plenty of me in-person. Outside of Hyperwallet events, I’m also an active member of the San Francisco developer scene. If I’m attending a cool event, I’ll be sure to highlight it here and in our newsletter.

This is the beginning of a new era for developer evangelism at Hyperwallet. I look forward to coding with you!

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