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3 Direct Selling Trends for 2018

What’s next for direct selling?

To kick off the year, we reached out to some of our partners in the direct selling channel to find out their predictions for the coming twelve months. Here are three trends you can expect to see in direct selling through 2018:

2018 Trend: Mobile Will Continue to Dominate

Brian Palmer, CEO of Krato

The direct selling industry will continue to be driven by the trend towards frictionless mobile experiences as the Millennial generation comes of age. These megatrends will converge, forcing even the most successful direct selling companies to innovate around their mobile strategies.

Brian Palmer - CEO, Krato

Brian Palmer – CEO, Krato

Millennials are going to lead the charge demanding these experiences. They’re impatient and constantly on-the-go, and they’re not alone. In fact, 87 percent of consumers now use smartphones over personal computers to consume all digital data. The average person aged 18 to 54 spends 2.3 hours each day on mobile apps. This is the new normal, and future generations will continue to push for convenience and accessibility.

The industry will continue to innovate towards a full mobile experience, accelerating to a pace we haven’t seen before. and the output will allow the industry to stay competitive in an Amazon world.

2018 Trend: The Customer is (Still) King

Kate Gardner, Principal at GardnerCo LLC & C3 Executive Search

The year ahead is all about the customer: providing the customer a simple, seamless transactional experience designed to create a long-term and viable relationship while building brand loyalty. Rather than spending valuable resources to keep your products off of Amazon and the Walmart Marketplace, invest dollars in leveraging what these digital marketplaces know about attracting and sustaining the consumer’s interest.

Kate Gardner - Principal, GardnerCo LLC & C3 Executive Search

Kate Gardner – Principal, GardnerCo LLC & C3 Executive Search

In 2018, the discussion centers on engaging technology to garner the customer’s attention and meet their increasingly high expectations regarding order placement and fulfillment. As a community, consumers listen first and foremost to one another. Just take a look at the thoughtful reviews Amazon’s customers post about products.

More than ever, 2018 is the year to declare your philanthropic direction. Integrate your ‘give back’ into your cultural fiber. Show your stakeholders how much they and their communities mean to you. People do business with people who demonstrate they care!

To participate in the future of direct selling, you need to have a prepared, unified corporate team, devoted this one concept: the customer is the future!

2018 Trend: Women Will Make Their Mark

Michele McDonough, Co-Founder of the Women’s PowerCircle

2018 is the year of the woman.

Michele McDonough - Co-Founder, Women's Power Circle

Michele McDonough – Co-Founder, Women’s Power Circle

Our voices are being heard now more than ever. Direct selling thrives as a result of the inspiration, talent, and strength of the women on whose shoulders the direct selling channel was built on. That’s why we founded the Women’s PowerCircle, a safe and loving global community of like-minded women who participate in key high-level entrepreneurial roles within the direct selling retail channel.

The Women’s PowerCircle community exists to support one another through the empowerment that comes from education, inspiration, and motivation provided by select speakers, sponsors, and content resources for the last six years. Today, the Women’s PowerCircle has a global reach of over 160 participating elite executives representing 85+ direct selling companies.

In 2018, women will continue to drive innovation in the direct selling channel—just as they’ve always done.

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