[AUDIO] Driving Direct Selling Growth with the WPC

TL;DRJennifer Anderson shares her insights from the recent Women’s PowerCircle call.

We’re well into 2016 and are rapidly approaching the summer months—a traditionally ‘quiet’ period for the direct selling industry. Many direct selling companies are preparing to deliver lively, engaging summer events for their distributors, announcing stimulating promotions to encourage, motive, and inspire their field to sell and sponsor during this mid-year lull.

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Of course, preparedness in this industry requires a clear understanding of what makes a direct seller tick—their behaviors. No matter the company, direct selling executives want to see behaviors that support their KPIs (key performance indicators). To do that, they need to find ways to promote and reward those behaviors through compensation plans, host programs, fast start opportunities, and so on.

In this month’s Women’s PowerCircle call, Squire’s Brett Redd discusses a simple financial law of attraction: “whatever we focus on will grow.” Brett tackles the KPI conversation, sharing his insights on benchmarking, forecasting, profitability, and how KPIs can drive growth.

You can listen to the full recording of the call below. For more information on the WPC and to join our monthly call, please visit the WPC website.


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