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Getting Professional: Improvements to Hyperwallet’s Loyalty Add-On

Hyperwallet’s Loyalty add-on feature is getting professional.

Starting today, clients utilizing the Hyperwallet Pay Portal will have the option to provide their payees with access to a range of discounted, value-added professional services specifically curated by Hyperwallet to support independent earners.

The services address payee business needs and boost their earning potential, improving their chance of success as independent earners. Best of all, there are no fulfillment requirements—value-added offers are available to all payees enrolled in a Loyalty-enabled program.

The professional services we’ve added to our value-added service offering include:

  • Intuit
    Inuit provides payees with a range of small business accounting tools, including tax reporting and expense tracking software.
  • Telamed Access
    With Telamed Access, payees and their immediate family members get access to discounted medical plans and on-demand, affordable healthcare.
  • LegalZoom
    LegalZoom enables payees to easily and affordably form an LLC, as well as connect with independent legal and tax advisors who can help them navigate all the work and questions that may arise from starting, growing, and managing a new venture.

These value-added professional services are offered at no charge to your organization. Simply let us know which professional service offers you’d like to make available to your payees, and we’ll ensure the discounted subscriptions are easily accessible from their Pay Portal environment.

Building Loyalty on Your Platform

Value-added professional service offers are integrated into our larger Loyalty add-on, but can also be offered as a standalone loyalty driver. Designed to boost brand awareness and increase sales activity, our Loyalty Add-on gives payees the opportunity to earn merchandise and travel rewards by completing specific actions—for example, signing up for a prepaid card, or loading their prepaid card with a certain amount of funds within a set period. These rewards help companies boost payee affinity, motivate key behaviors, and accelerate revenue drivers.

If you’re an existing Hyperwallet client and are curious to see how value-added professional service offers can increase loyalty on your platform, now’s your chance—your Account Manager is standing by with more details.

Interested in becoming a Hyperwallet client? Contact a Solution Expert today to learn more.

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