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[EBOOK] Nine Things Your Payout Provider Won’t Tell You But Should

TL;DRDownload our free eBook to learn the questions you need to ask before you choose an outbound payments provider.

“You didn’t ask.”

You didn’t ask your outbound payments provider about integration options. You didn’t ask about revenue sharing opportunities, or account configurability, or payment delivery tracking, and now you’re handcuffed to a payout provider that can’t meet your company’s needs. So when you call them up to complain about their limited functionality, they’ve got a point—you didn’t ask.

But shouldn’t they have told you? Isn’t it your payout provider’s responsibility to be upfront about the important details of your payout solution?

The New World of Payments

Times have changed. In this global economy, many businesses have come to rely on payees dispersed all around the world. Drivers, taskers, contractors, distributors—these workers need to be paid quickly, affordably, conveniently. The trouble is that moving money across borders hasn’t gotten any easier (if anything, it’s become more difficult) and many outbound payment firms are struggling to adapt.

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Today, companies need a truly modern payout solution; one that offers deep configurability, payee support tools, and global reach. But how do you know if your potential payout provider can keep up with your business?

In our free eBook—Nine Things Your Payout Provider Won’t Tell You But Should—we outline the key questions you need to ask before choosing an outbound payments platform and tell you the answers you should be getting.

#1 – How Many Potential Payees Can Your Current Payout Provider Reach?

Almost every payout provider is restricted in where they can send payments due to the limitations of their payout methods. For example, some payout providers can only send payments to a bank account, which limits their reach to roughly 3 billion people. That sounds like a lot. But isn’t there a way to pay workers that don’t have bank accounts?

#2 – Can You Control and Configure Your Payout Experience?

Very few payout providers will allow you to integrate their technology and services into your platform, ultimately restricting your authority over the end-user payment experience. But isn’t there a way to keep users in your own ecosystem, with your own branding? Can’t you maintain total control of the payout experience?

#3 – Will You Be Able to Track and Trace Your Transactions?

Many payout providers use wires or third-party ACH networks to deliver funds to payee bank accounts. Not only is this method costly, but it’s also extremely difficult to track, obscuring your visibility into the payout process. But how can you resolve payment issues if you can’t even see when they occur? Isn’t there a way to track payments from one end to the other?

Get answers to all of these questions and more. Download Nine Things Your Payout Provider Won’t Tell You But Should now.


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