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Get Your API Fix with Hyperwallet @ API World

Are you a dev devotee? A JavaScript junkie? An API addict?

Yeah, us too.

Fortunately, we’re getting our fix at API World—the first large-scale conference and expo with the goal of facilitating connections, knowledge, trust, and business within the developer community of API providers and consumers. Whether you’re a coder, a startup, or an enterprise that develops or uses APIs, this is an event for you.

  • What: API World Conference & Expo 2016
  • Where: San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA
  • When: September 12th-14th, 2016
  • Booth: #311

You can find the event schedule here. Best of all, API World is your chance to get a closer look at the API-driven payments infrastructure that Hyperwallet has been building over the past year. Hyperwallet’s Head Software Architect Blair Olynyk and I will both be presenting a topic at the event:

Pay the Planet: Implementing Frictionless Global Payout Distribution

Bill Crowley – Workshop Presentation – 40 Minutes
September 13th, 4:00PM – 4:40PM, API World Stage 2 (RM 230C)

Are you ready to integrate global supply-side payment infrastructure into your platform? Test the tech and see how some simple code can make it easier to pay your contractors, suppliers, and resellers almost anywhere in the world. A must-attend for any devs tasked with solving payment issues within their marketplace or on-demand economy platform, this Hyperwallet-led workshop will showcase how RESTful payout APIs can ensure a simple end-user experience, secure connections to an established global financial network, and direct access to a wide variety of payee-directed payout options.

Surviving as a Monolith in a Microservices World

Blair Olynyk – Main Stage Presentation – 30 Minutes
September 13th, 2:20PM – 2:50PM, API World Main Stage

Today’s application architects are striving for the panacea that is a microservice architecture—but it’s not like you can come into the office on a Monday morning and magically turn your current solution into a microservice architecture before you go home that evening. So, what do you do if your organization is heavily invested in an SOA or monolithic architecture? In this talk, Blair will explain how Hyperwallet is preparing for microservice by remaining agile and using a strong set of processes, and will dive into the fundamentals of loose coupling.

Book Time with Our Dev Team

If you’re interested in having a private meeting with a member of the Hyperwallet dev team during the conference, please feel free to contact me through the form below. I’d be happy to set something up.

We hope to see you all in San Jose!

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