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Fintechs or Banks: Time for a Rethink?

Should trust trump agility?

Is advanced technology turning traditional banking rails into antiquated relics?

Who will win when it comes to providing true transparency into the payment process?

These are the questions on every banker’s and fintech entrepreneur’s mind. In short, who is faring better in today’s disruptive financial services arena? Will banks continue to be the dominant player, or are fintechs poised to take control?

This unique relationship between fintechs and banks will be the topic of conversation on Tuesday, March 13th during a double-header debate and fireside chat presentation at the Adrift, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Hosted by Deutsche Bank, this event will feature thought leaders from both the bank and up-and-coming fintech organizations Hyperwallet, Flywire, and Payoneer.

But this won’t be your standard debate.

Instead of arguing for their respective side of the argument, thought leaders will be arguing for their adversary’s point of view. In other words, members of the banking community will argue the merits of fintechs and vice versa. Following the debates, the representatives from Hyperwallet, Flywire, and Payoneer will remain on stage to further discuss three key areas of disruption facing the financial services industry: data, payments, and cross-border trade.

This is a by-invite event.

Let the debate begin!

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