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Take a Look Inside the “H”

TL;DRA look at what to expect from Hyperwallet’s posts, quick intros to top thought leaders, and why Chantielle always craves a sandwich after talking with our CCO and CPO.

“Hyperwallet? Who’s that?”

It’s a fair question to ask if you’re new to this blog—heck, it’s a good question to ask even if you’re a longtime client. Those of you who are familiar with Hyperwallet know that we’re a FinTech company and that we make it easy for global companies to pay their workers. You know our sweet spots are solving recurring payout issues, lowering global transfers costs, and improving the speed of cross-border funds delivery.

We’re a #FinTech company that makes it easy for global companies to pay their workers. Click To Tweet

But let’s rewind for just one second. The question wasn’t what we are, but who we are.

To answer that, you’ll need to get to know some of the people inside the “H”.

The Many Voices of Hyperwallet

Chantielle MacFarlane, Director of Marketing Communications at Hyperwallet

Chantielle MacFarlane

Let’s start with me. I’m Chantielle (pronounced Sh-anne-tell… I know, it’s weird), the keeper of all things content at Hyperwallet. And, since I want us to be friends, I’m going to let you in on a little secret… I used to hate the whole thought of worker payments. Why? Because, like a lot of you, I’ve spent most of my career in payments purgatory. First as a freelance writer on the receiving end of unfair transfer fees, and then as the head of a content outsourcing startup trying to send payments to a growing roster of writers. High fees, manual processes, massive delays—I’ve felt your pain, and the pain of your contractor workers, believe me. But there’s hope, I promise you! It’s why I’m here at Hyperwallet, and why we’ve launched this resource area: to identify and voice expert opinions on the payout issues that drive you and your workers crazy.

We’ve launched this resource area to identify and voice expert opinions on worker payment issues. Click To Tweet

Brent Warrington, CEO Hyperwallet Systems Inc.

Brent Warrington

Then there’s our Chief Executive Officer, Brent Warrington. Brent’s relatively new to the H, having just taken the reigns mid-May, but he’s certainly not green. The former CEO of SecureNet, Brent’s a pioneer in the space—if you follow the industry, you’ve probably seen him talk at events like Money 20/20, the Electronic Transaction Association’s Strategic Leadership Forum, and Goldman Sachs. Don’t let his slow Texas drawl fool you; his mind runs a million miles a minute, and his advice is priceless.

Of course, there’s also our Chief Commercial Officer, Peter Burridge, and our Chief Product Officer, Bill Crowley (I fondly refer to them as Peanut Butter, but only in my head because, well, I like being employed). Sadly, Peter’s booming voice and sharp New Zealand accent won’t shine through in his written posts, but his problem-solving and attention to detail definitely will.

Peter Burridge, Chief Commercial Officer & Bill Crowley, Chief Product Officer

Peter Burridge & Bill Crowley

Combine that with Bill’s payments product knowledge and you’ve got an amazing team. That being said, they’re probably two of the busiest guys here at Hyperwallet, so when you see a post pop up here from either one, you know it’s about something important.

Michael Ting, SVP Digital Markets Hyperwallet Systems Inc.

Michael Ting

And finally, there’s Michael Ting, our master of marketplaces. Mike knows a ton about the on-demand economy and collaborative business models. The former Head of Payment Services at oDesk (now Upwork), Mike’s determined to help put an end to problematic payment processes; especially when it comes to complicated contractor arrangements. So please, don’t be afraid to send your tough payment questions to him; a big part of his job is to tackle those issues right here.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

So now, with all that in mind, let’s get back to our original question.

“Hyperwallet? Who’s that?”

We’re people, just like you. People that have a passion for better, faster, easier worker payout solutions. Our job is to take the hassle out of sending workers their earnings so that taskers, drivers, distributors, freelancers—whomever it is that needs to get paid—can achieve freedom, independence, and success doing what they love to do. Me and the folks mentioned above? We’re just a few of the more than 250 people who work at Hyperwallet. Like Brent, we pride ourselves on being payment innovators and engineers. But big ideas can’t exist in a vacuum. They require discussion, devil’s advocates, and plenty of deliberation. So let your voice be heard. Feel free to tweet me and ask questions, share your opinions, and suggest new topics.

Our job is to take the hassle out of sending workers their earnings. Click To Tweet

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