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Upbring Takes Center Stage at the Hyperwallet Hackathon

TL;DRUpbring is a leading Texas-based nonprofit organization. They’re also our Hyperwallet Hackathon charitable partner.

The Hyperwallet Hackathon is quickly approaching. You know the judges. You know the prizes. But how much do you know about Upbring, the nonprofit organization which the Hyperwallet Hackathon is supporting?

Getting to Know Upbring

Upbring is a leading Texas-based nonprofit organization on a mission to break the cycle of child abuse by empowering children, families, and communities. As part of its mission, Upbring disaster response steps in to help communities affected by tornadoes, floods, and other disasters.

“Disasters can have a devastating impact on a community, upending lives and putting additional stress on parents. Sometimes, that stress manifests as abuse,” said Kurt Senske, chief executive officer of Upbring. “In fact, we’ve seen evidence that abuse rises in the aftermath of disasters. By walking alongside families and supporting them during these difficult circumstances, Upbring fosters an environment in which children are loved and treasured.”

Upbring disaster response includes short- and long-term services. The organization starts by responding to immediate needs with financial assistance for food, shelter, and clothing. Because the fallout of a disaster doesn’t end when the skies clear, Upbring provides long-term assistance for future preparedness, along with emergency hardship grants, emotional and spiritual care, disaster case management, and repair and rebuild assistance.

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Upbring’s Disaster Response in Texas

In 2011, Upbring put those services into action during the most devastating wildfire in Texas history.

On Sept. 4, 2011, a fire ignited in Texas’ Bastrop County Complex. High winds fanned the flames into nearby Bastrop State Park, a beloved national historic landmark. The inferno consumed 32,000 acres, destroyed more than 1,600 homes, and claimed two lives before officials declared that it had been contained one month later.

Upbring helped oversee nearly 1,000 volunteers who removed debris and rebuilt homes. The organization also aided residents with their complex recovery assistance applications so they could get the financial assistance they needed to reclaim their lives. And in 2015, when fire struck the area again, Upbring returned. Today, the Upbring disaster response team puts members on the front lines of response efforts and helps distribute aid to those impacted by natural and man-made disasters. More recently, Upbring disaster response was involved in relief efforts for individuals and families displaced by the flooding in Louisiana last summer.

Partnering with Upbring

Since opening our office here last year, Hyperwallet has been looking for opportunities to give back to Austin, and our partnership with Upbring represents an important initiative to support the community. At the Hyperwallet Hackathon, we’re challenging developers create faster, safer, and smarter ways for organizations like Upbring to distribute funds during disaster relief situations. Beyond that, Hyperwallet will also present a donation to Upbring in support of their continued disaster relief efforts.

If you would like to support Upbring, you can make a donation through their website today. In addition, we’ll be collecting donations at the Hyperwallet Hackathon on Upbring’s behalf.

Help us take the complexity out of fund distribution during a disaster. Sign up for the Hyperwallet Hackathon today.

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