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How Payouts Are Driving Growth at Jayride

TL;DRAustralian airport transport marketplace Jayride is fueling their growth with help from PayPal’s global payout capabilities, powered by Hyperwallet.

If you’re like me, the last thing you want to worry about after disembarking from a 12+ hour flight is flagging a taxi or finding your car in the carpark. As a frequent flyer (and frequent car misplacer), I’m happy to sing the graces of Jayride. A Sydney-based and Australian Securities Exchange-list company, Jayride is a leading online airport transfer marketplace that successfully connects airport travelers to private transfer and shared shuttle companies around the world. I’m also excited to share the announcement that Hyperwallet has partnered with Jayride to help facilitate their global growth and provide fast, secure payouts to their expanding pool of transport drivers.

As someone who flies globally on a frequent basis, I’m all too familiar with the variability–of costs, wait times, standards of service, methods of payment accepted–that travelers often encounter when it comes to airport transport. Every airport in every country seems to have a different ‘hack’ in terms of what is the best way to get to the hotel. But with Jayride, you can forget the hassle, thanks to their trusted booking platform, and broad range of payment methods.

The Importance of Payouts for Jayride

To continue its fast growth by scaling and expanding into new markets, Jayride needed a payments partner that could help streamline its transport driver payouts. This meant finding a mass payment platform that could quickly and easily enable drivers to collect their fares in their local currencies. Removing the payouts headache from rapid expansion efforts like this is what we’re all about, and what we’re here to do at PayPal Payouts.

Since integrating, Jayride has leveraged Hyperwallet’s financial network to rapidly scale its operations from five markets to more than 69 countries and at over 1,500 airports in just 10 months. Harnessing Hyperwallet’s development tools and widget integration, Jayride has embedded payout functionality directly onto its platform, delivering a streamlined and seamless experience for its global community of over 3,000 transfer companies. The decision to integrate using Hyperwallet’s APIs, was simple for Jayride as this helped ensure that the platforms transport drivers experience a consistent and simple payment experience. Now, thanks to PayPal’s payout capabilities, Jayride can easily pay their transport driver partners in their respective local currencies with ease.

For me, it’s exciting to be working with a local Australian startup that’s rapidly expanding its global footprint as a disruptor in the travel-tech space. Currently, Jayride processes more than 1,000 passenger trips a day either directly or through partnerships with industry leaders.

Platforms like Jayride are harnessing the revolutionary power of the digital age to pioneer innovative and disruptive solutions, and we look forward to continuing to support that mission through a painless payments service.

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