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Inside the 2019 Marketplace Expansion Index

TL;DRTackle your global expansion plans with help from the 2019 Marketplace Expansion Index. Review 130+ pages of in-depth analysis and research today.

From tariffs and trade wars to elections and sanctions, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the global economy this past year. Some of these changes had but a tiny impact on economic opportunities, while others had the power to disrupt entire industries, governments, and countries. Is your marketplace ready to capitalize on these changes through quick and aggressive expansion? Or are you still simply following a competitor’s lead when it comes to investigating new global markets?

Take the reins of your global expansion efforts using a deeply analytical approach to market-readiness factors and some in-depth analysis from the Hyperwallet Marketplace Expansion Index. Back for a second year, the Expansion Index provides marketplaces with a data-driven analysis and ranking of countries showing their international expansion viability. As with last year’s analysis, the 2019 Index takes into account four high-level market-readiness parameters, including Infrastructure (e.g., logistics performance, ease of doing business), Workforce (e.g., freelance employment market), Market Size (e.g., retail ecommerce growth), and Foreign Competition (e.g., dominant incumbents) to establish the top 36 expansion-ready countries. Each country is then grouped, based on their rankings, into one of three tiers: Established, Emerging, or Evolving.

Marketplace Expansion Index: What’s New?

A number of new features were included in this year’s Marketplace Expansion Index.

  • Digital payment infrastructure importance: Grouped within the Infrastructure measurement, this new sub-parameter gauges a country’s ability to support platforms that rely primarily on the acceptance and distribution of digital payments to facilitate transactions.
  • “Big Movers” classification: Understanding how macro-trends impact individual countries is a key part of the Marketplace Expansion Index. This year’s Big Movers category highlights countries that experienced the greatest amount of macro-change. Consisting of eight countries (one new entrant, three that have moved up in the rankings, and four that have moved down), our Big Movers highlight the geographies that have seen significant change over the past 12 months.
  • “New Entrant” designation: This year’s Index featured one unexpected newcomer.

When it comes to global growth planning, you can never have too much information. So don’t be shy. Check out the 2019 Marketplace Expansion Index today to see how the countries on your expansion roadmap measured up. Our expansive analysis contains more than 130 pages of detailed metrics and measurements, as well as public commentary and facts-based research. That being said, it’s important to note that, while thorough, the Marketplace Expansion Index isn’t the final word on which countries you should be investigating. We recommend that companies combine our research data with an internal analysis of their own strengths and weaknesses to determine the countries that best fit.

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